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Old Shackle scaffold

Old Shackle scaffold

Key points for the construction of a new type of scaffold.
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Key points for the construction of a new type of scaffold.

1, early should be special construction plan design support system, and the total package units pay-off position, make the horizontal flat vertical support system, to ensure that the late bracing and whole set of connecting rod, to ensure the overall stability and resistance to capsizing.

2. The installation foundation of the wheelset scaffold must be tamped down and the concrete hardening measures shall be adopted.

3, round buckle scaffold should use the same elevation of beam bottom elevation range, for larger height and span of a single component bearing rack to pull bar and poling axial pressure calculating the critical force (), to ensure the stability of the frame body and safety.

4. After the erection of the frame, there should be enough scissors to support, and the distance between the top bracket and the frame bar 300-500mm should be provided with enough horizontal pull rod to ensure the overall stability of the rod.

5, at present our country construction ministry no wheel button scaffolding industry standards and norms, but has begun to widely used in the construction site, certainly hope relevant departments to formulate the corresponding specification, make the wheel button scaffolding used correctly in the project have reliable basis.

The function and use of the retrofitted wheel.

1. Support of building template engineering (including construction of road and bridge), especially high support mode;

2. Exterior wall scaffolding of high-rise buildings;

3. Large, medium and small warehouse shelves (three-dimensional shelves);

4. Decoration and electromechanical installation of "working platform", the inside and outside scaffolding of the ship repair industry.

5. Concert, sports meeting, temporary stand, balcony and stage scaffolding;

6. Construction unit mobile shed.