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Scaffold plug

Scaffold plug

Wheel button connection mode is the mainstream of the scaffold connection mode
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Product details

The characteristics of rotary scaffold plug:

1. Advanced technology

Wheel button connection mode is the mainstream of the scaffold connection mode, reasonable node design can achieve all the dowel bar through the center, is mainly used in the European and American countries and regions, is an upgraded version of the scaffold, mature technology, the connection is firm, stable structure, safe and reliable.

2. Upgrading of raw materials.

All the main materials are made of low alloy structural steel, which is 1.5 to 2 times stronger than carbon steel pipe of traditional scaffolding.

3. Hot galvanizing process.

The main parts are both internal and external hot-dip galvanizing anticorrosion technology, which not only improves the service life of the product, but also provides further guarantee for safety, and also makes it beautiful and beautiful.

4. Reliable quality.

The product from next makings, the entire product processing after 20 to process, each process are conducted by special plane, reduce artificial factors of intervention, especially rail, the production of poling, USES the independent development of automatic welding machine, as to the products of high precision, strong interchangeability, stable and reliable quality.

5. Large bearing capacity.

Taking the 60 series heavy support frame as an example, the allowable bearing capacity of a single strut with a height of 5 meters is 9.5 tons (safety factor is 2). The damage load reached 19 tons. It's 2 to 3 times the traditional product.

6. Small amount and light weight.

In general, the spacing of the vertical bar is 1.5m and 1.8m, and the distance of the horizontal bar is 1.5m. The spacing can reach 3 meters and the distance is 2 meters. So the amount of the same support volume will be 1/2 less than the traditional product, and the weight will be reduced by 1/2 to 1/3.

7. Quick assembly, easy to use and cost saving.

Because of the small amount and light weight, the operator can assemble more easily. The cost of construction, transportation, rental and maintenance will be saved accordingly. In general, 30% will be saved.

The buckle type scaffold plug is the core part of the multi-function wheel type scaffold, which is composed of wheel buckle, transverse joint and steel pipe. Poling every 0.6, 1.2, 1.6 m () are different specifications for welding a round buckle, a horizontal plug at each end on a rod welding, connected with the cross bar end cross plug into the wheel button on the corresponding hole (see photo), because of the characteristic of the design, of the horizontal plug can be used as long as the lock, on a rod load load, lock more reliable. Each wheel can be plugged into four crossbars at the same time, and four poles are each other 90 degrees. At present, the wheelset scaffold is made of 48mm x 3.5mm and Q235 welded pipe as the component pipe, with 58mm x 4mm and Q235 welded pipe as the connecting pipe. Vertical rod is the main load-bearing wheel button scaffolding rods, rail is the scaffold transverse connection, due to the scaffolding unique design features, the rail and produced a variety of specifications according to the practical application.

Performance of rotary scaffold plug:

1. High efficiency, high load bearing capacity, high reliability and low maintenance;

2, compared with ordinary steel pipe scaffold, set-up, just by hitting the pipe plug can be equipped with a variety of specifications length, erection of flexible, made at the sleeve can be directly connected to the stud, jacking nut for caliber ladder design, can bear three different diameter steel tube, disassembling efficiency;

3. The larger the load, the greater the locking force of the steel pipe through the self-locking connecting load, and the improper operation of the steel pipe and steel pipe connection, the carrying capacity is increased by 30%, and the construction reliability is greatly improved.

4. Each person can set up 400 square meters per day, and the steel pipe connecting parts are all fixed. No additional fasteners are required. The length of the steel pipe is unified, and it is easy to use, transportation and management.